A mindset

Pontiac Coil prides itself on its quality certifications and numerous customer awards for quality and zero defects.  We employ rigorous methodologies to ensure our products meet the highest global quality standards.  



Pontiac Coil is ISO TS 16949 : 2009; ISO 14001 : 2004; and “B” – “B4” UL certified.  


Performance measureables

We employ QOS performance measurables, including customer satisfaction, customer and supplier ppm, inventory turns, scrap, OEE, delivery, and cost of poor quality.  


Material traceability & barcode scanning

Our team utilizes point-of-use scanning for lot control traceability, part number and revision level control and individual part level data acquisition for key manufacturing attributes.  


Quality lab

Our on site lab facilities are equipped with all of the necessary measurement equipment; including Tallyrand, X-Ray, Smart Scope and CMM capabilities.