Where it starts

At Pontiac Coil, we have placed a strong focus on building an innovative engineering team, skilled in product design.  We pair that with our commitment to focus on the individual needs of our customers, to produce solutions that achieve your objectives.


Analytical design

Our team specializes in the design of fuel components, solenoids, hydraulic coils, clutch coils, and other black box products to meet a variety of applications and environments.  We can also select the appropriate material, surface treatments, and assembly methods for your requirements.  We design for optimal manufacturability and automation.


Computer aided engineering

Pontiac Coil utilizes engineering software, including; Ansys Maxwell 2D & 3D, Inventor, Mold-Flow Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, and Coil Design Optimization to ensure our products comply with our customers unique specifications.



We conduct durability and continuing conformance testing for all of our products per our customer specifications.